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Wood Trophy Shields & Award Plaques Engraved

An extensive collection of wood Shields and plaques in traditional and new exciting designs, in a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs. Our ranges cover over 200 sports and activities as well as a wide variety of general achievement and recognition awards for individual and team presentations. All are available with incredible up to 50% OFF other online suppliers and trophy shop prices. We can personalise your wood trophies and awards with engraving and apply standard-sized free logoinsert centres.

We offer a range of matching design sizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place or winners and runners-up in hardwood or MDF finishes with self-standing struts or wall hanging slots on larger sizes. We also supply a full range of medals, trophies, glass awards & presentation cups suitable for all kinds of presentations, events and award ceremonies. Direct Source is the UK’s largest and cheapest supplier of quality wood awards which we have in big stocks for quick delivery backed up with great customer service, you can choose from:

Ideal for winners, runners-up, tournaments, competitions, presentations and events whatever the occasion and whether for individual or team recipients.

Cheap Shields and Plaques With the Biggest Online Discounts?

We offer the cheapest prices for wood shields and wood plaque awards online with massive discounts and unmatched prices This is all down to us being an awards importer, manufacturer and UK-wide distributor which not only gives us huge buying power but controls our costs by avoiding any middleman and wholesale costs. All the savings we make are returned to our customers in the form of big price reductions and the biggest discounts in the UK.

Our unique cost-cutting business model benefits from several advantages over our competitors which in turn enable us to offer the lowest price awards. Here’s how it works:

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing for new wood products lowest prices and improved quality
  • Lowest factory prices based on bulk imported shipments to our warehouse and production facility
  • Huge warehoused stocks for quick deliveries and trusted customer service
  • All items are assembled and personalised (engraved, printed etc.) at our Cardiff Factory
  • We ship completed orders direct from our Cardiff, South Wales Distribution Centre
  • Our business model effectively cuts out the middlemen

What’s the Difference Between Shields and Plaques?

Good question, here’s a bit of a guide to help understand more about the types of shields and plaques we offer:

  • Wood Annual/Perpetual Shields – These are available in ‘heart’ shaped available in 10”/12”/14”/16” sizes and are primarily designed for annual usage with engravable silver chrome plated centre shields (which can take a standard sport, activity or special centre insert) and ribbon scrolls plus several date shields placed around the perimeter which record the names of the recipients on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. All our ranges of perpetual/annual shields are supplied boxed and with a free-standing/wall-hanging strut.
  • Wood Replica Shields – ‘Heart’ shaped 4”/5”/6”/7/8” sizes which are perfect for individual recipient awards such as champion, winners, runner-up, first/second/third place etc. They consist of a chrome centre shield which can be engraved and you insert a sport, activity or special centre. All sizes are supplied with a free-standing/wall-hanging strut.
  • Wooden Plaques – Lower-priced alternatives to the replica range and offered in rectangular-shaped multi-colour wood finishes with hot-foiled plastic trims added for embellishment. Engraving can be added via an anodised aluminium engraving plate.
  • Customised Bespoke Design Plaques - Taking the personalisation process to the next level with a choice of superb quality full-colour sublimation printed rectangular plaques onto specially coated aluminium print receptive plates – ask our Sales Team for details. Often used for degree graduations, certifications, accreditations, qualifications as well as sports and achievement awards.
  • Budget Plastic Plaques – Fantastic budget option plastic injection-moulded plastic plaques which are hot-foiled to achieve colour vibrancy. They can be used for almost any sport or activity by adding a standard or personalised centre insert together with an anodised aluminium engraving plate.

Personalising, Customising & Engraving Your Plaques or Shields

You can fully personalise your shield or plaque awards using full engraving service where we can indelibly inscribe names, dates and competition details to your awards. You can customise your wooden plaques and shields with standard size free logo insert centres in an epoxy dome or flat vinyl surface finishes. There are several ways we can add bespoke designs please contact our customer service team for more information.

We also Supply Trophies, Medals, Cups and Glass Awards

We offer a huge selection of specific sports trophy and medals designs in gold, silver and bronze finishes engraved and customised with your club, school, company or association logo. You can also buy from our massive selection of generic awards such as plaques, shields, medals, tankards, salvers and many more award ideas in a large selection of matching sizes and designs these include:

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