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Globe Trophies & World Beating Awards Engraved

World beaters' globe trophies and awards when you’re looking for an award solution with an eye pointing to international recognition or excellence. Direct Source presents a range of World Globe Themed Trophies and Awards which are available at up to an out of this world 50% OFF trophy shop prices and other online suppliers prices. We offer an extensive range of globe and world awards in plastic, glass and metal finishes in a range of sizes. Whether you are looking for small or large we got it covered with a choice of both budget or high-quality designs. We are able to deliver UK wide and to any country on this planet.

This range is popular for world championships or global performance awards for sport or general achievement award ceremonies. We are able to fully personalise with engraving or customise with your own logo. Available in a range of price levels which makes them suitable for all kinds of applications which include:

  • Arts & Entertainment (Dance, music, film, art, theatre, stage, TV etc.)
  • Charitable (Fund-raising, volunteering, service etc.)
  • Commerce/Corporate/Industry/Awards Service
  • Education (Schools/Academies/Colleges,/Universities)
  • Sport (World/International/National/Regional Championships)

Cheap Globe Trophies – The Biggest Discounts on the Planet

Check it out for yourself, our unique business model benefits from several advantages over our competitors which in turn enable us to offer such large discounts. Our prices are the cheapest in the UK it's hardly surprising as we are a unique mix of a trophy manufacturer, importer and International distributor. These elements allow us to make huge savings in the procure and fulfillment stages of our operations these savings are returned to you our customer in the form of quantity discounts and big price reductions, hers briefly how we work:

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing of quality globe themed trophies and awards
  • Lowest prices based on imported bulk shipments from various continents and countries
  • Huge warehoused stocks, Quick Deliveries and Excellent Customer Service
  • All items are assembled and personalised (engraved, printed etc.) in-house
  • We ship completed orders direct trans global from our Cardiff, South Wales Distribution Centre
  • Our business model effectively cuts out the middlemen and Wholesale Handling Costs

Various Qualities and Price Levels

Globe themed award shapes are mainly manufactured from two materials; namely, vacuum plated plastic and quality glass and here’s a little more about how that works:

  • Plastic Vacuum Plated Globe Trophies – The low cost of the components help make globe trophies especially popular in activities such as dance and childrens' championship events where there is the opportunity to add colour combinations for more of an effect. Trophy themes and ‘families’ can be used for conformity so that sizes from inches up to several feet can be achieved for impression and effect.

The Direct Source Quality & Supplier Service Guarantees

Our growing reputation has been honed supplying quality products alongside a guaranteed satisfaction policy which covers our full range of trophy, medal and award ranges. We have created a benchmark for our industry combining quality, value and service which continues to attract customers looking for the ultimate online recognition award experience.

Many Other Awards on The Horizon the Sky is the Limit

Aside from globe-themed awards, Direct Source offers 1000’s of different types of sport and achievement awards. These include trophies, medals plus ribbons, plaques, trophy cups, glass trophies and awards shields and many other awards products. Many of these awards accept our standard size insert centres available in over 250 sport/activity or with your own custom logo designs. Our generic award ranges include:

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