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Quiz Trophies, Cups and Glass Awards Engraved

Quiz awards and trophies combined with a large selection of general presentation awards in varying designs, qualities, and price levels with unbelievable savings of up to50% OFF trophy shop and other online suppliers' prices! You are able to buy plastic, resin, metal, and glass awards for winners, runners-up and semi-finalists. We are able to personally engrave your quiz awards and customise them with your own league, club company, or event logo.

We are able to cater to any quiz competition whether pub, league, work, home for fun quizzes or serious competitive quiz opponents. Choose from a wide range of quiz themes awards as well as general plaques, shields, medals, cups, or glass trophies for a whole manner of quiz competitions such as.

  • School, College, Academy and University Quizes
  • Corporate Quiz Nights
  • TV Game Shows and Quiz Shows
  • Pub Quiz Competitions
  • Charity/Fundraiser Quiz Events
  • Themed Quiz Nights e.g. Music Quiz
  • Educational/Training/Pop Quizzes
  • Quiz League Presentations

Cheap Quiz Trophies with the Biggest Discounts?

Cheap prices with the biggest discounts available in the UK which applies to our entire range of quiz trophies and all other awards. Not just an idle boast as we are a combination of UK-wide trophy istributor, trophy importer and manufacturer. This unique mix enables us to reduce costs throughout our operation, these cost savings are passed back to our customers in the form of quantity discounts. Here’s how it works.

Check it out for yourself, our unique business model benefits from several advantages over our competitors which in turn enable us to offer such large discounts.

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing of quality quiz trophies, medals and awards at the lowest cost
  • Lowest factory prices based on bulk shipments to our warehouse and production facility
  • Huge stocks of quiz awards with good customer service backed with big stocks for quick delivery.
  • All items are assembled and finished (engraved, printed, etc.) on site
  • We ship completed orders direct from our Cardiff, Production and distribution centre
  • Our business model effectively cuts out wholesale or middlemen handling costs
  • Uk Mainland Deliveries and Worldwide Shipping

Engraving, Personalising and Customising Your Quiz Trophies

Personalise your quiz awards using our complete engraving service where we are able to engrave logos, names, and competition details to engraved plates or directly to many award surfaces. We can also produce standard size 25mm custom logo inserts applied free to the majority of our awards. We are also able to create custom and bepsoke designs using laser engraving, glass engraving, colour sublimation printing, and etching processes.

Free Engraving and Free Delivery we are able to offer far more than other suppliers so called gratis offers by discounting thier prices by up to 50%. Please feel free to compare our shopping cart prices where our discounts are applied and find the answer who really offers the best deal?<.p>

Quiz Trophies for Any Competition,Tournament or Pub Quiz

Whether you’re looking to reward masterminds or you are organising charity or local pub quizzes, Direct Source has unbeatably price options to ensure you get the best online deals available. You are able to buy from a selection of specific quiz trophy or medal designs as well as a massive collection of generic award themes such as plaques, shields, glass awards, and more. We are able to apply standard stock general quiz centre inserts as well as your own customised design insert. Detailed below are examples of generic award collections.

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