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Glass Trophies & Awards with Engraving

An Extensive range of Glass Trophies and Awards a classy range of quality presentation awards with engraving. Which include glass plaques, glass star trophies, glassware and glass trophy cups for winners, runners up or general achievement and recognition awards. We offer award-winning discounts of up to 50% OFF trophy shop & online prices, combined with excellent customer service and quick delivery.

Whether your presentation is for a sporting event or a corporate, achievement or recognition awards we cover all budgets and qualities. We offer big ranges of jade, optical and crystal glass award qualities. We provide a complete glass engraving service where we can indelibly engrave custom or personalised logos and text to your glass awards.

Our glass awards can also be used for service, performance, incentivisation and commemoration awards. Glass trophy plaques and awards are used for a wide range of clubs, leagues, business and organisational award ceremonies which include:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Charities
  • Business Awards (Sales, accreditation, incentive, performance, development etc.)
  • Corporate Trophies and Awards
    • Cheap Glass Trophies and Awards With Biggest Online Discounts?

      Cheap glass trophies and awards with up to 50% OFF discounts how? That’s simply down to our price-cutting business strategy which encompasses worldwide sourcing and importing for the best quality products at the lowest prices available. We buy and stock in big quantities directly to our Cardiff distribution centre, where we customise and engrave and process all orders, without any middle man or wholesale handling involved.

      This saves both time and money which is converted into huge discounts and savings to all our customers. Please note we also sell blank glass plaques with no engraving at trade prices to trophy shops and other online sellers you are able to get a quote online now by adding to no customisation to your online order.

      Glass Trophies and Awards for Employees and Staff Recognition

      With over 300 quality engraved glass trophy award ideas and a huge selection of glass plaques with quality bevelled edges to select from. Our range covers a full host of corporate, business and organisational service and employee awards for staff performance, recognition, and excellence. Our glass staff awards and or employees trophies can be personalised and engraved with company logos, corporate or product branding and text.

      Quality Crystal, Optical and Cheap Price Jade Ranges

      As you have probably already worked out, there are different qualities of glass awards and materials used when it comes to producing awards this is where we can offer such a wide choice of qualities and price ranges which include:

      Lead Oxide 24% Crystal Glass Awards (also known as ‘Flint’ Glass) is a very popular choice as it is more easily worked into shapes while subjected to heat and can therefore produce more decorative shapes and cut glass designs – the 24% content being the minimum requirement for lead crystal. Our three main areas of materials and qualities consist of the following:

      • High Quality Crystal Glass: Plaques/Decanters/Cups/ Champagne Flute Glasses/Tankards/ Goblets/Tumblers/Bowls,these are Premier quality High End, and includes full cut designs.
      • High Quality Optical Glass: Plaques/Golf/Pillars/Pyramids/Star Themed/Globes, these are high High Quality Clear Blemish Free optical qualities.
      • Economical Jade Glass awards: World Globes/Golf/Paperweights/Star Themed/Plaques a mid-range collection of quality and price ranges with a green tint which is given form its content of 0.34 uranium.

      Personalised Glass Engraving Customised Logos and Text

      Direct Source provides a professional finishing service in the form of indelibly inscribed logos and text engraving, using etching, printing, engraved plates and shot-blasting to customise your awards. Most glass products are available with appropriate presentation boxes from a standard fit to plush lined.

      Trophies, Medals, Wood Plaques, Trophy Cups and Many Other Awards

      View or Browse our collection of over 4000 award products which include vast collections of plaques, trophies, shields, medals, trophy cups, silver salvers and many more award ideas. We cover over 250 sports and activities as well as awards for any kind of achievement. We cater for qualities, sizes, tastes and budgets here are some links to our more popular award products or sporting collections;

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