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Clay Pigeon Shooting Trophies, Medals and Awards

Clay Pigeon Shooting Trophies, Medals, and Awards from the UK’s largest and cheapest provider of recognition awards Get fantastic deals of up to 50% OFF trophy shop and online prices. Buy from an extensive range of qualities, sizes, and designs in gold silver, and bronze engraved or with your own competition, club, tournament, or event logo.

We offer quality high-quality metal, glass, and wood awards for winners, runners up and 3rd place as well as competition participants and end-of-the-season individual performance presentations. Direct Source products are presented to clay target shooters of all standards and classifications and we provide 100’s options to the many customers who belong to national administrative bodies such as:

  • Disability Target Shooting Great Britain
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting Association
  • Scottish, Welsh, Irish Clay Target Association
  • Corporate Clay Shooting Days
All Clay Pigeon Disciplines Catered For

Explore the diverse range of options we offer to cover the different forms of clay pigeon shooting, namely:

  • Trap Shooting: Down the line/Ball Trap/Double Trap/Olympic Trap/Universal Trench
  • English Skeet Shooting/Olympic Skeet/Helice (ZZ)
  • English Sporting & FITASC Sporting
  • Laser Pigeon Shooting

Cheap Prices on Clay Pigeon Shooting Trophies and Awards with Big Discounts

Cheap prices for your clay pigeon awards and trophies without compromising quality The unbelievable discounts are calculated on the back of a worldwide sourcing program that unearths the highest quality products which we negotiate to buy at the lowest global prices thanks to our bulk buying policy, the net result being the lowest priced awards in the UK.

In short, here’s how we operate:

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing of quality products at the lowest prices
  • Lowest global prices based on bulk shipments to our warehouse and distribution centre
  • Quick deliveries, good customer service, and big stocks
  • All items are assembled and finished (engraved, printed, etc.) on site
  • Our business model effectively cuts out the middle man and added wholesale costs

Trophy Awards for all Clay Pigeon Events

Direct Source really does have a fabulous selection of choices for you that feature specific clay pigeon shooting trophy designs in handcrafted resin in antique gold, silver, and bronze finishes. These sculptured look shooting figures, shotguns, and clays are ornately decorated with bright gold highlights. You can also buy quality silver plated trophy cups, engraved hip flasks, high-quality glass awards, medallions in boxes, engraved glassware, and a range of quality prestigious trophies all with the option of engraved or printed custom logo designs.

In addition to the many types of competitive shooting events we supply such as Open Tournaments, Regional Competitions, and Club Leagues; our commitment remains to cater for the much wider cross-section of shooting enthusiasts who may belong to:

  • Charity Shooting Events
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting Clubs
  • Corporate Shooting Days
  • National & Regional Clay Pigeon Shooting Associations
  • Social Shooting Gatherings

Personalising Customising and Engraving Your Clay Pigeon Trophies

We are able to add custom logos and bespoke designs to many of our awards using glass engraving, laser engraving, printing, shot blasting, and etching processes please as for details on our bespoke trophy designs. Standard Free logo insert centres are available that can be applied to many of our trophies and medals.

Free engraving and Free Delivery we can offer you far bigger savings than other suppliers so-called gratis offer by discounting their prices by up to 50%. Please compare our shopping basket costs where our discounts are applied as their offer only equal approx 10% of a typical order value.

Glass Trophies, Cups, Plaques, Medals and Other Clay Pigeon Awards

Direct Source continues to grow and grow within the shooting world thanks to its supply to 100’s of organisations that oversee air rifle/ pistols, muzzle-loading rifles/pistols, cartridge rifles, clay shooting, practical shotguns and practical rifle target shooting.

Apart from our specific clay pigeon medals and trophy designs, we offer vast range of generic awards used for clay pigeon awards. These include vast ranges of trophy cups, plaques medals, shields, glass trophies, silver-plated salvers, and many other award ideas, which include:

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