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Plastic Trophies and Cheap Children's Awards in Gold and Silver

Cheap Plastic Trophies and awards with big discounts an extensive range of glittering and colourful gold and silver budget trophies with up to 50% OFF trophy shop and other supplier's prices. We offer a wide range of sizes, designs and price levels to suit any kids sport, competition, tournament or event. Choose from an extensive range of plastic trophy cups, plaques, trophies or award designs with the option of adding specific sport/ activity or custom insert centres available in over 200 stock designs.

We have 100's of plastic gold trophies and silver awards available, which are produced using a large range of low-cost moulded component parts with a shiny metallic vacuum plated finish mounted on to heavy quality marble bases to give weight and a quality appearance. This economical collection of mini trophy awards is ideal for children's award ceremonies or cost-conscious presentations.

Plastic Awards and Trophies for Sport and General Achievement

Our budget trophy collection caters for over 200 sports and activities for winners, runners-up, third place as well as general achievement and recognition award prizes where budget restraints require you to keep costs to a minimum. Although the main body of these awards are plastic their quality, weight and appearance are enhanced using colour embellishments and marble base to create a high perceived value and wow factor for any award ceremony or recipient.

You have the options to customise and personalise your plastic awards with engraving or free logo centre inserts. We also offer a wide range of school and education inserts for school prize-giving awards. We do not sell Plastic medals our metal medals are just as cost-effective but heavy and the real deal, at a similar cost to their plastic counterparts.

Cheap Plastic Trophies and Awards With The Huge Discounts

Cheap Plastic trophies at lowest prices with an additional up to 50% OFF trophy shop and online prices and free logo inserts a deal that sounds too good to be true! There are many good reasons for our amazing offers, unlike our competition we have the advantages of direct trophy importing, in-house manufacturing and a huge buying power to achieve the lowest prices.

As we miss out on any added wholesale or middlemen costs we are able to offer big cost reductions and discounts to all our customers as well as giving them the confidence of dealing directly with the back up of our big stocks, quick deliveries and great customer service.

Plastic Trophies and Awards for Kids

We offer an array of plastic trophies for children's sport or for achievement award ceremonies for clubs, schools, leagues and many other junior festivals and children's associations. With the need to encourage and reward our young, low-cost trophies are essential especially when there are so many to award across a wide range of age groups and participants. Our collection covers many ranges specifically for this purpose and include:

Plastic Trophies a Huge Collection of Colours and Sizes

Our plastic trophies are available in small, medium, large and even bigger sizes in an extensive collection of colours, finishes and designs. We are also able to provide bespoke sizes and colour themes for large events to cover all finishing place positions. With such a massive choice of colours, you are able to totally colour coordinate your award and presentation ceremony. Listed below are details of colour themes available.

  • Plastic Metallic Plated Trophy Colours
  • Gold, Silver, Bronze and Antique Colours
  • Stock or custom logo Centre Inserts for your Trophies
  • All Activities and Sports as well as generic designs i.e. Winners, Runners Up, Special Awards, 1st, 2nd 3rd national flags and symbols, Victory Torch etc.
  • Custom Logo Design Inserts for more than 50 trophies and medals supplied Free
  • Colourful Trophy Themes
  • Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Sky Blue, Mid Blue, Silver, Green, and Bright Gold

Low Priced Customising, Personalising and Engraving Costs

We offer cheap prices on our full engraving service as well as free Personalisation and award customisation, we are able to engrave our entire product range as well as supplying free logocustom inserts applied to your trophies or medals.

Free engraving and Free Delivery we can offer much more than this by discounting you plastic trophies by up to 50% OFF! other suppliers prices. Please compare our shopping basket costs where our discounts are applied as these free offers only equal appox. 10% of a typical order value.

Trophies, Plaques, Glass Trophies, Presentation Cups and Other Awards

Aside from plastic trophy designs we are able to supply over 4000 trophies medals and awards in an extensive range of qualities, styles and sizes to cover any budget quality expectation. Our ranges cover all areas of sport, leisure, education and corporate achievements. We offer vast ranges of generic awards such as plaques, shields, trophies, silver salvers, glassware and many more which include:

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