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Star Trophies and Awards

Discover our extensive collection of star awards and trophies, available in various sizes, designs, and qualities. Whether you're looking for star-shaped trophies, plaques, medals, or glass awards, we have the perfect option to celebrate merit, recognition, achievement, or any outstanding performance or talent.

Shop with us online today and enjoy incredible savings of up to 50% OFF compared to other suppliers. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!.

Introducing our stunning collection of star trophies and awards! Crafted from the finest gold and silver, our selection embodies the essence of fame, achievement, and stellar performances. Our glass star shape trophies and plaques showcase unparalleled quality, distinction, and standout characteristics. Join us in celebrating excellence and success at your awards ceremony like never before.

Star Awards for all Kinds of Achievement and Performance Presentations

Recognize brilliance and excellence with our range of star awards and well-done awards. Whether it's for a competition, sports event, or organization, our star trophies are perfect for celebrating outstanding performances and accomplishments.

From children to adults, we have awards for all recipients. Get ready to shine and honour the contributions of talented individuals with our dazzling awards. our typical customer areas include:

  • Arts & Entertainment (Music, film, dance, stage, art, TV etc.)
  • Charity (Volunteering, fund-raising, service etc.)
  • Commerce/Corporate/Industry (Performance, training, incentive, service, excellence, etc.)
  • Sport & Leisure (suitable for just about everything!)
  • School Star Awards
  • Star Employee or Pupil

Cheap Star Trophies and Awards with Big Discounts

Discover the the cheapest prices on star awards and trophies in the UK, without sacrificing quality or style. Our exclusive online discounts are unmatched, thanks to our strategic importing, in-house manufacturing, and personalized customization. By optimizing every aspect of our operations, we can offer significant price reductions to all our valued customers.

Take a quick glance at our sale prices and you'll see how our cost-effective business model sets us apart from any other online competitors.

here’s in brief how it works:

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing for quality star awards at the lowest prices.
  • Bulk buying direct to our warehouse, production facility and distribution facility.
  • Big Stocks, quick deliveries and top quality customer service
  • All items are assembled and finished (engraved, printed etc.) shipped directly from our factory
  • Our cost-cutting business model effectively cuts out the middle man and any wholesale handling costs.

Star Trophies Available in Various Styles, Price Ranges and Qualities?

When it comes to choice there are a variety of different options that include budget and premium quality star trophy designs to satisfy any budget taste or preference, all with a star theme prevalent. We are able to supply a cross-section of sizes and styles, here’s a little more about what’s available:

  • An extensive range of gold, silver and bronze star medals with ribbons attached in a choice of over 30 colour themes.
  • Economy plastic star trophies, tremendous value thanks to ornately gold and silver vacuum plated plastic body combined with quality polished heavy marble bases.
  • Optical Glass Trophies: Superb high-quality range of personalised glass awards which can be etched, engraved, sand-blasted or printed with your logo or text.
  • Jade Glass Star Trophies: A Fantastic value range of Jade Glass award products

Custom Logos to Personalised Engraving For Your Star Awards

Personalise your trophy or medals with your own custom design using our full colourfree logo insert centresavailable in flat vinyl or dome surface finishes. You are able to use our trophy and medal engraving service to add names, dates and logos to your star awards.

We offer other forms of customisation including glass engraving, shot blasting, etching, laser engraving and printing. Please speak to our customer services team for more information.

We Offer A Full Personalised Engraving Service

We offer a complete engraving service across our entire range ,you are able to add competition, details, names, dates and logos to your awards. We use the latest technology and trophy engraving equipment to achieve the highest standards to indelibly record all winner's achievements.

Free engraving and Free Delivery we can go much further than other suppliers gratis offers we can offer Up To 50% OFF of their prices, please compare the overall costs in our shopping baskets as their free offers equate to approx 10% of a typical order value.

We Also Supply All Kinds of Trophies and Awards

You are able to buy from our massive trophy and award range offering over 4000 presentation products for any type of award ceremony or sporting presentation. We offer the complete trophy and awards package with the same generous discount applied to our entire range of trophies, plaques, shields, medals and many more award ideas which include;

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