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Personalised Wall Plaques Bespoke and Custom Printed

A great way to capture full colour detail with sublimation printed plaques available at up to 50%OFF trophy shop prices. The Direct Source of printed plaques are a great way to reproduce designs through the dye-sublimation print process and can be achieved by affixed the finished plated to various sized wood plaques which make them ideal for:

  • Accreditations
  • Corporate Membership & Awards/Catering Qualifications/Certifications/
  • Degree Graduations
  • Training Qualifications
  • Sporting & Leisure Awards
  • Touring Plaques

Cheap Custom Plaques and Large Discounts?

Not really a mystery as our business model differs from that of our online competitors, here’s how it works:

  1. Continuous worldwide sourcing of quality and low prices
  2. Lowest factory prices based on bulk shipments to our warehouse and production facility
  3. Big stock of printable plaques, quick deliveries and quality customer service
  4. All items are assembled and finished (engraved, printed etc.) on site
  5. We ship completed orders direct from our Cardiff, South Wales base
  6. Our business model effectively cuts out the middle man

What Printed Plaque sizes are Available?

Our printed plaques are available in a choice sizes complete with a free standing/wall-hanging strut for public or office display:

8” x 6” Rectangular Wood Plaque

10” x 8” “ “ “

10” x 9” “ “ “

15” x 12” “ “ “

Why use the Dye-Sublimation Print Process?

The dye-sublimation print process is very flexible and has several distinct advantages over other forms of printing methods, here’s an outline of the important ones:

  • Minimum Qty of 1
  • Colour Vibrancy
  • High resolution print
  • Photographic images can be reproduced
  • Detail is captured through digital file formats i.e. Photographs - JPEG
  • No colour separated screens required
  • Can reproduce A4 size print from documents
  • Waterproof colours
  • Cost-effective for both high and low quantities

Below are some exaples of the types of bespoke wood plaque awards we sell and the areas we cover

A Complete Range Trophies, Plaques, Medals, Cups, Glass Awards and More

We are able to supply any type of trophy or award for sport, achievement, recognition and more, our range of over 4000 awards includes sport and activity specfic designs as well as generic trophies and medals that can be customised to your award theme or with your own logo or event details. Choose from huge ranges of medals, plaques, shields, trophies in range of sizes qualities and materials which include the following popular ranges.

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