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High Quality Trophies and Prestigious Awards with Engraving

Prestigious awards and high-quality trophies engraved or customised with your logo, we offer an extensive collection of superior presentation awards with expensive price tags. Although in this instance higher-priced products are the primary driver we offer further bonus up to 50% OFF trophy shop and other online trophy supplier's prices.

If you are looking for an original trophy with designs featuring class and distinction for your presentation or award ceremony this is the range for you. Our range includes high-value sports, recognition and achievement trophies in a range of sizes and designs to suit all award ceremonies.

You are now able to buy from a superior collection of quality award products such as silver and gold plated presentation cups, optical and lead crystal glass awards ideal for high-profile events, competitions and tournaments. Our hand-picked collection of premier trophies and awards are produced by the best craftsmen of the awards industry. Who use only the best materials for achieving stunning perfection and a beautiful finish.

High Quality Trophy Awards With the Biggest Discounts

High-quality trophies and awards that are reassuringly expensive in look and appearance but it does not mean that you have to settle for the highest prices. Our generous discount structure allows you to make massive savings of Up To 50% Off other supplier's prices. What sets us apart from our trophy shop and online competition is that we are a trophy importer and manufacturer cutting out any middleman handling and wholesale costs.

Direct Source offers 100’s of perfect presentation pieces to suit all kinds of prestige events such as:

We use Premium Quality Materials to Achieve Perfection

Only Premium high-quality materials are used to produce this top quality collection and are produced by qualified skilled craftsmen to achieve an award of the highest distinction and perfection. We offer a collection of outstanding trophies for any ultimate champions, winning teams or victors for any sporting event or prestigious competition.

This is a high-class product range suitable for high-profile accolades for long-standing historical tournaments, national or professional top-flight sportsmen or sportswomen. If you are searching for a trophy that stands out from the crowd and oozes value, class, success, prominence and status this is the collection for you. Detailed below are some of the high-value materials that are used:

  • Gold and Silver Plating
  • Hallmarked Silver
  • Stirling Silver
  • Cold Cast Bronze
  • Optical and Crystal Glass

A Huge Range of Quality Plaques, Trophies and Presentation Cups

Our stunning ranges of high-quality and high-value awards covers a wide range of award product types, including trophies, medals, glass awards, silver salvers, globe trophies and many more award ideas. Many of these awards can be customised with your own logo or bespoke design and include the following.

Craftsmen Engraving to Personalise Your Awards

You are able to personalise quality awards using our full engraving service we are able to engrave logos, names, dates and full event details. We can customise many of our awards using glass engraving, laser engraving, shot blasting, printing and etching processes, please ask for details on bespoke trophy designs.

Free Engraving and Free Delivery we give far bigger savings than these gratis offers from other suppliers by discounting their prices by up to 50%. Please compare our shopping cart prices to others where these free offers only equal approx 10% of a typical order value.

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