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Paintballing Trophies, Medals and Glass Awards Engraved

Welcome to the biggest and lowest priced online selection of paintball trophies, medals and awards available in the UK and Ireland, with incredible savings of up to 50%OFF trophy shop prices. Choose from big ranges of glass, plastic, metal, resin or wood awards in an array of sizes and qualities with options of personalised engraving or custom logos applied to your awards. Below are examples of the types of paintball awards we sell and the areas we cover.

Our awards cater to winners, runners up and a participant for paintball competitions and corporate days to the world of paintball and many other skirmish sports including Airsoft.

  • Awards, Gifts and Souveniors for Paintballing Centres to award customers/visitors
  • Team Building Exercises, Staff Incentives and other Corporate Events
  • Professional Leagues, Competitions and Training
  • Paintballing Industry Awards e.g. Centre of Excellence
  • Associations such as UK Paintball Sports Federation, United Kingdom Paintball Association etc.
  • Amateur Competitions and Leagues
  • Birthday Parties/Stag and Hen Nights

Cheap Paintballing Trophies – Big Discounts?

Cheap prices and big discounts you bet! Check it out for yourself, our unique business model benefits from several advantages over our competitors which in turn enable us to offer such large price reductions. Here’s briefly how it works:

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing of quality awards at rockbottom prices
  • Lowest factory prices based on bulk shipments to our warehouse and production facility
  • Big Stocks stock and production output
  • Trsuted customer service and quick despatch
  • All items are assembled and finished (engraved, printed etc.) in-house and shipped Direct
  • Our cost-reducing business model effectively cuts out the middle man

Piantball Medals with Ribbons, Display Cases or Boxes

Check out our big choice of paintball medals in gold, silver and bronze plated finishes, You are able to buy standard paintball stock designs or your own custom logo medal design. Our medallions are available in a large selection of sizes, thicknesses and designs in shiny and antique plated finishes.

We are able to supply over 30 ribbon colours and wide range of medal boxes or display cases to fit our standard size medals in varying qualities and colours detailed below.

  • Plastic, PVC OR Suede Medal Boxes
  • Single Colour Ribbons
  • Burgundy, Green, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Navy, Red, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow.
  • Dual Colours Ribbons
  • Blue & Red, Blue & White, Blue & Yellow, Green & White, Green & Yellow, Green & Red, Red & White, Red & Green, Red & Yellow, Black & Red, Black & White, Black & Orange.
  • Tri Colour Ribbons
  • Red Blue White (Union Jack Colours), Green Red White (Welsh Flag Colours), Orange White Green (Ireland Flag Tri-Colour), Rainbow Multi Colour.

The Firm Classic Game Favourites

There are many variations of both paintballing and airsoft but our large range of recognition options cater for all the standard and classic game variations which include:

  • Centerflag
  • Elimination/Slayer
  • Capture the Flag
  • Scenarios
  • King of the Hill
  • Zombies
  • XBall

And more!

Personalising Engraving and Custom Your Logo

To literally ‘mark’ the occasion, personalise your trophies, medals and awards by way of our fully computerised engraving system or if you want to go a step further, incorporate your logo or event details onto a full-colour centre insert.

Glass Trophies, Plaques and Other Awards for Paintball

Apart from our specific Paintballmedals and trophies we offer 100's of generic awards popular with paintball events and award ceremonies. These include huge ranges of trophy cups, plaques, glass trophies, medals, silver plate salvers and many more award ideas. Many of these awards accept our standard size insert centres available in paintball or your own custom logo design. Our generic award ranges include:

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