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Big Trophies, Cups and Awards Engraved

Direct Source provides big trophies & awards with massive discounts of up to 50% OFF trophy shop prices making us the biggest and cheapest supplier in the UK! Our extensive collection of colossal awards are ideal for tournament or event champions and winners presentations and are for team or individual award ceremonies.

This range consists of big shields, large presentation cups, towering column trophies and tall fluted cup awards. These awards will definitely impress competitors and spectators and raise the spirit of your event. We offer a full engraving service as well as free custom event logos we are able to produce tailor-made colour themes and bespoke sizes for large festivals and tournaments.

When size matters, we can provide the largest trophies in gold or silver which are ideal for:

  • World, Regional, National and International Events
  • Massive Individual and Team Awards
  • Colour Themes with many sizes e.g. 1st to 10th place
  • Tournaments, Competitions, Festivals, KO Cups, Championships, Qualifiers

Large and Tall Trophies and Awards with the Biggest Dicsounts

We offer the biggest discounts of up to 50% OFF trophy shop and other online supplier's prices. We are able to reduce costs due to our cost-cutting business model and the fact we import, manufacture and distribute UK wide. This allows us to make vast cost savings which are given back to our customers through our quantity discount offers. Below is a brief outline of how we keep prices and costs so low.

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing for the lowset prices
  • Imported Bulk Purchasing
  • Huge warehoused stocks
  • On-Site Production, Customisation and Assembly
  • Direct Deliveries from our Cardiff Based Distribution Centre
  • Our business model effectively cuts out any middle man and Wholesale Costs

We offer an Extensive Range of Big Trophies and Awards

We can provide big trophies and awards in many guises whether you are looking for height, stature or general substantial sizing to fit your budget or to cover finishing place positions such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd place or more. Our range covers three main award types which are detailed below.

Big Wooden Shields

Big wooden shields are ideal for annual or monthly presentations, we are able to engrave winner or title holder names and dates to chrome-plated record shields they also come with chrome-plated scrolls and centre shields attached for general descriptive engraving.

Big Wood Annual Trophy Shields

Large Presentation Cups in Gold or Silver

Our large presentation cup collection offers a wide range of big trophy cups in gold and silver finishes. Available in up to 10 matching design sizes in some ranges. Choose from a vast collection of styles in metal or glass finishes including:

Towering Double Column and Four Pillar Trophies

These are the giants of our trophy range, towering 2 column and four pillar designs dwarf your average trophy or award and are ideal for prominent awards, large events and national competitions such as dance, cheerleading and festival competitions. Plastic columns are used to achieve height and we are able to scale sizes to reach any sensible size, they are supplied with marble and wood bases.

Looking for Gigantic Trophies in Range of Sizes and Colour Themes

You can select from various components and colour themes to make your own styles and Sizes and our Sales Team will be only too happy to discuss how this works. These types of Giant trophies are very popular with many sports and activities which include dance and the martial arts in particular and they can be produced using multi-tiers for stability.

Custom Club and Event Logos plus Personalised Engraving

If you’re looking to personalise your large impressive trophies, it can be achieved through adding engraving via our fully computerised engraving services. Plus you may wish to utilise your logo, crest or event details to produce a Free Logo using our full colour centre inserts.

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