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Badminton Trophies, Medals, Plaques & Awards Engraved

Badminton trophies and medals and an extensive range of generic awards with an amazing Up To 50% Off of trophy shop and online prices. You are able to buy gold, silver and bronze awards in a large range of sizes, shapes, designs, qualities and price levels. We cover winners, runners up and semi-finalists as well as participant, competitor and end of year club and league presentations. Listed below are the types of badminton award products that we supply.

You are able to personalise and engrave your trophy or medal and customise it with your own event free logo As an event organiser, you will no doubt be delighted to know that Direct Source offers a stunning choice of Badminton Trophies, Medals and Awards. Our unique discount structure has benefitted 100’s of organisations and badimton events across many guises, affiliations and venues such as:

  • Badiminton Events, Tournaments and Competitions
  • Club and League Presentations
  • Fun and Training Days
  • Badminton England/Ireland/Scotland/Wales
  • Badminton National/Inter-County/Regional Leagues
  • Para/Disability

Cheap Badminton Medals and Trophies with Big Discounts

Cheap prices across our entire collection of badminton medals and trophies with up To Half Price offers on hundreds of award products. This sounds too good to be true but as we are a combination of a direct importer, UK wide distributor and manufacturer we are able to reduce costs and pass back big price reduction to all our customers.

We spend a great deal of time sourcing high-quality awards around the world and striking the best deals from buying in bulk and subsequently stocking at our Cardiff based production and distribution facilities. This allows us to ship directly to you at discounted deals which are way below shop prices as we cut out the ‘middle man’ and any other wholesale costs.

In short here cost-cutting business model works:

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing of new products at the lowest prices
  • Lowest prices based on bulk shipments to our warehouse and production facility and distribution centre
  • Big stocks, excellent customer service and quick deliveries
  • All items are assembled and finished (engraved, printed etc.) on site
  • We ship completed orders direct from our Cardiff, South Wales base
  • Our business model effectively cuts out any middle man or wholesale costs
  • Uk Mainland Delivery on Orders and Worldwide Shipping

We have a Huge Range of Badminton Awards and Medals to Choose From

Our website contains a huge choice of badminton medals and trophies including racquet, shuttlecock and male and female player designs in resin and plastic trophy awards. Our extensive range covers both male and female players for junior and senior presentations and award ceremonies.

If you combine our generic and badminton specific collection and you have a choice of over 2000 award products suitable for badminton to buy which cover every eventuality such as:

  • Handicap
  • Mixed Pairs
  • Pairs
  • Singles
  • Umpires and Officials

Personalisation Engraving and Customisation of Your Medal or Trophy

We can make your awards even more personal and unique with full engraving service recording all competition details and winner's names. We are also able to customise our products with your free standard-sized logo inserts which can be applied to the majority of trophies and medals where applicable. We are able to add bespoke designs direct to product surfaces using other etching, printing, casting and engraving processes, please speak to our customer service team for more information on creating totally unique awards.

Free Engraving and Delivery we much further than other suppliers by discounting their prices by Up To 50%. All we ask is you compare our basket prices to these gratis offers or do the maths to see which is the best deal.

Plaques, Shields, Presentation Cups and Other Badminton Awards

Apart from our specific trophy award designs which include badminton player, shuttlecock and tacket designs, we offer a wide range of generic trophies and awards. These include big collections of plaques, presentation cups, shields, salvers, glass triophies and many more award ideas. Many of these awards accept our standard size printed centre inserts, available in badminton or custom designs. Our wide range of trophies and awards include:

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