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Gymnastics Medals, Trophies, Plaques and Glass Awards Engraved

An extensive range of Gymnastic trophies, medals, and awards the most comprehensive range in the UK available at up to a huge 50% OFF trophy shop and other online suppliers' prices! Choose from an extensive collection of varying quality awards in gold, silver and bronze finishes. You are able to buy your trophy awards and medallions personalised, engraved or customised with your own club, company or association free logo.

We cover a great range of presentation awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as well participants for all gymnastic events, tournaments, competitions, and end-of-year presentations. Direct Source is the UK’s leader of online recognition award supply throughout Europe and the U.K. Providing a specialist service to clubs, governing bodies, and associations We are able to supply you with a cross-section of awards for both male and female or adult and children’s gymnast's award ceremonies in economy or high quality finishes for the following:

  • Male and Female Gymnastics
  • Junior and Senior Gymanstics Events
  • British, Welsh, Scottish, England Gymnastics Competitions
  • End of Year Gymnasts Awards
  • Profiency Awards Schemes
  • Gymanasts Award Schemes
  • Individual and Team Awards

Cheap Gymnastics Medals and Trophies with Big Discounts

Big discounts and cheap prices on all our gymnastics medals and trophies, the Direct Source buying team scours the world for products that are of the highest quality and subsequently negotiates the lowest prices based on bulk purchasing, the prices are then converted into the highest discounted deals available anywhere.

We despatch our orders direct from our warehoused stocks located at our production and showroom HQ in Cardiff, South Wales which ensures that we cut out the ‘middle man saving even more money for our customers. We are a trophy manufacturer, importer, and distributor with this combination and a price-busting business model, huge stocks, and excellent customer service you can rest assured you are dealing directly.

Here’s how we operate:

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing of new lowest cost quality products
  • Lowest prices based on bulk shipments to our warehouse and production facility
  • Wide Range, Big Stocks, quick despatch and deliveries and good customer service
  • All items are assembled and finished (engraved, printed etc.) on site
  • We ship completed orders direct from our Cardiff, South Wales base
  • Our business model effectively cuts out the middle man and reduces your buying costs

Customising Personalising and Engraving your Gymnastic Awards

If you would like to add the final touches to your trophies and medals, we suggest you use our engraving service and maybe even consider applying specially produce custom centre free logo inserts that can depict your own logo, crest, or event details which are both great ways of providing uniqueness and creating lasting memories for the recipient.

We are a Specialised Supplier to Gymnastics Events

Direct Source continues to work closely with the world of gymnastics as it steadily gains the trust of the hundreds of organisations that make up this ever-expanding sport. Our unbeatable prices have been a magnet for clubs and events as we continue to supply quality products that are delivered within the tightest of deadlines. Listed below are some of our other popular product collections;

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