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Star Pupil Trophies and Medals Awards for Schools

Star Pupil trophies and awards for schools include a range of specific star medal and trophy designs specifically developed and designed school star awards for educational performance awards within the classroom, curriculum or school environment. We offer an extensive range of glass, plastic and metal star pupil awards in a range of sizes and qualities for top-performing pupil awards.

You are able to use our free vast collection of stock insert centres in either school sport and educational themes or customise your free logo insert with your school logo our own design theme. Available variety of sizes and qualities in gold, silver, and bronze colour theme finishes. You are able to use our full engraving service to personalise your school star awards that are used by many teachers and heads to recognise, encourage and reward pupil development.

  • Primary/Infant/Junior Education
  • Academies
  • Boarding/Private/State/Preparatory
  • Grammar/Independent/Secondary
  • Nurseries

Star Pupil Medals with Matching School Colour Ribbons

You are also able to buy star pupil medals with ribbons gold, silver and bronze plated finishes in a selection of designs and sizes. We are also able to supply ribbons to match your school identity colours with over 30 colour themes available. We can also customise your medals with your school logo or bespoke design using our free logo centre inserts in flat vinyl or quality dome surface finishes. Our standard design or custom insert can be applied to 100's of stock medals which include:

Star Pupil Trophies in Gold and Silver Finishes

Choose from a wide selection of star pupil trophies in a range of qualities, sizes and designs and glittering star designs themes. You are able to buy from a large selection of plastic and glass star trophy awards customised with your school logo and personalised engraving. Please note as well as our specific star pupil range we are able to apply our star pupil inserts to large selection of generic awards which now gives you the choice of over 1000 awards and trophies which include:

Cheap Star Pupil Awards with Big Discounts

Cheap prices with up to 50% OFFother suppliers prices this exclusive range of Star Pupil awards slashes the prices of trophy shops and online suppliers. Our unbeatable prices are unmatched by our competition as we are a direct importer and manufacturer of trophies and awards. Our big purchasing power and in-house assembly, customisation and distribution allows us to make massive savings at all stage of our operations.

All these savings are converted into quantity discounts to all our customers and gives them other buying advantages that come with dealing directly and cutting out any middleman handling or wholesale costs. We support all our fantastic offers with quick delivery from our huge stocks as well as good customer service.

Personalising, Engraving and Customising Star Pupil Awards

You are able to fully personalise your star trophy awards using our engraving service by inscribing text engraving as well as etching school logos on to glass awards surfaces. You are able to customise medal and trophies with standard-sized free free logo centre inserts that fit the majority of our awards. We have the ability to print, shot blast and engraved school logos direct to award surfaces please enquire with our customer service team for more information on bespoke designs.

You are able Buy Online Using Purchase Orders

Schools and education customers are able to buy online using purchase orders as confirmation of their payment terms. Just order add the products to our shopping cart in the usual way and select the purchase order option in the checkout process and then submit. On receipt customer service our team will check and review your online order and email our order acknowledgement al we require is an emailed official purchase order to confirm your payment terms.

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