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American Football Trophies and Awards Engraved

An extensive range of American Football Trophies and Awards available at the lowest prices anywhere in the UK available at up to an amazing 50%OFF other online suppliers and trophy shop prices. We offer a large range of sizes, designs and price levels to suit any American football event or presentation, all awards available with engraving or free logo custom centres.

On offer a wide range of metal, glass, plastic or wood trophy designs and extensive range of gold, silver or bronze medals with a choice of over 30 ribbon colours. Browse our large selection of quality glass trophy awards with options full options of logo and text engraving. There are simply 100’s of options which are aimed at:

  • American Football in British Schools/Academies/Colleges/Universities
  • British Academy of Sport American Football
  • British American Football Association
  • British American Football League
  • NFL UK

Cheap American Football Trophies - The Cheapest Online?

Check it out for yourself, our unique business model benefits from several advantages over our competitors which in turn enable us to offer such large discounts. These include:

  1. Continuous worldwide sourcing of quality American football trophies, medal s and awards
  2. Great customer service and quick deliveries
  3. Lowest factory prices based on bulk shipments to our warehouse and production facility
  4. Huge stocks inventory of American football awards
  5. All items are assembled and finished (engraved, printed etc.) on site
  6. We ship completed orders direct from our Cardiff, South Wales base
  7. Our business model effectively cuts out the middle man

American Football Trophies to suit Every Event & Occasion

You will never be lost for choice as the Direct Source website contains a huge selection of American Football trophies, medals plus ribbons, fluted cups, hallmarked silver & silver plated cups, wood & plastic plaques, wood shields, glass awards, metal bowls, resin figures, silver salvers, pewter tankards and various perpetual awards to provide for any occasion in the gridiron calendar which include leagues, end of year presentations, festivals, summer camps, coaching courses or simply playing for fun. Our portfolio of products covers all field positions such as:

  • Cornerback
  • Fullback
  • Kicker
  • Linebacker
  • Quarterback
  • Safety
  • Officials (Back Judge, Field Judge, Head Linesman etc.)

Listed below are some more of our poular product ranges

Personalising Engrving and Customising your American Football Trophies

If you want to make your trophies truly unique, why not personalise them by adding engraving with the option of producing special full colour centre inserts which depict your own logo, crest or event details. We are also able to engrave and print logos direct to glass, wood and cup surfaces please speak to our customer service team for information and guidance on bespoke designs

Require Immediate Information?

Please use our live chat service if you require immediate help or call our Sales Team on 02920 814828 for any questions related to the Direct Source range of American Football Trophies, Medals and Awards which may include information concerning logo/crest personalisation, clearance lines, engraving or meeting your delivery deadlines.

If you’re ready to go, simply place your selections in the cart to either place an order or request a detailed no-obligation quotation which will be emailed to you within one working hour.

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