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Gold Trophies, Awards and Medals Engraved

An extensive collection of gold trophies or Gold Medals as famously promoted in the Olympic games ceremonies are the pinnacle of pride and performance awards. You can choose from a wide selection of glittering golden trophies and awards available in a range of sizes designs and quality finishes. We offer a big selection online selection covering economy or top quality presentation products and everything in between all expertly engraved, customised or personalised with your own logo.

Choose from a massive collection covering all price points for children or adults for sports or achievement recognition presentations. Our ranges include gold presentation cups, plastic trophies, star trophies, medals, plaques and many other presentation awards for winners, competitors and participants. Our gold trophies and medals cover all sports, competitions, tournaments, events award ceremonies and presentations. We are the leading trophy supplier in the U.K offering a bigger product portfolio at the lowest prices.

Cheap Gold Trophies and Awards Big Discounts

Gold awards and trophies with the biggest discounts and cheapest prices in the UK, this is all down to our cost-cutting business model and the fact we are a trophy importer, manufacturer and UK- wide distributor. These elements guarantee we buy at the lowest price available and we control all our prices by cutting out any middleman or wholesale handling costs.

All the huge savings we make are recalculated into big customer price reductions and large discounts. Apart from the price advantage, you are able to enjoy all the benefits of dealing directly with quick deliveries, big stocks and excellent customer service.

Gold Plastic Trophies and Cups

A huge selection of 100's gold plastic trophies and cups are available on this site, these are great low-cost awards ideal for children's presentations and award ceremonies. We offer a wide choice of sizes in matching designs and we use marble bases to add weight and enhance quality appearance.

Eye-catching awards with a high perceived value to junior recipients and ideal for budget-conscious buyers where cost is the principal driver. We also use a wide range of coloured columns and eye-catching trims and embellishments to enhance the appearance and display of this glittering selection of plastic products & cover areas such as;

Gold Medals With Ribbons also in Silver & Bronze

Gold medals are also referred to as gilt medallions and are a huge part of our product portfolio. Available for over 200 sports and activities or you can buy customised medal designs with your logo and choice of ribbon colour, available in over 30 single, dual and triple colour designs. A full range of gold medals with your logo are available customised to your design.

We supply all qualities of winner's medals in a selection of 50mm 60mm and 70mm sizes with varying thicknesses in bright or antique gold silver and bronze finishes. We do not supply the Olympic medals but you can replicate the theme and pride for children's sports days and events with their own Olympic games gold medal moment.

Gold Medals

Gold Star Trophies and Awards

Our Star trophies and awards are mainly used for performance recognition and achievement awards which are popular with schools, dance and any performing arts competitions and presentations. We are able to supply economy plastic star-shaped awards or quality metal star trophies. A great range of achievement awards to present to any recipient to congratulate a stellar performance or outstanding achievement, stand-out contribution or amazing effort.

Gold Trophy Cups in Metal or Plastic

A gold presentation cup signifies the ultimate champion or winner's award. We offer all qualities starting with plastic gold trophy cups through to high-quality craftsman-produced gold plated metal trophy cups and every quality in between. Whatever size you require we got it covered with a multitude of sizes ranging from small, medium and large gold trophy cups. We are able to supply you with gold cup awards to cover any sporting event or challenge knockout competition for local amateur sport or professional tournaments.

Personalisation Engraving or Customising Gold Awards

A full engraving service is available with metal engraved plates attached to your trophies or engraving applied directly to gold metal surfaces. You are able to customise your awards with our free logo centre inserts which can be applied to many of our awards. Bespoke designs and logos can be added to some of our products using laser engraving, printing and etching processes, please ask our customer service team for more information on bespoke designs.

A Massive Choice of General Trophies, Medals and Awards in Gold

Choose from an extensive range of gold trophies and awards which include, medals, plaques, shields, glass awards and an array of general presentation products. We cover all kinds of award ceremonies for winners, runners up and semi-finalists for sport as well as general competition achievement, recognition and service presentations below are some of our popular product ranges.

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