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Motorsport Trophies, Cups and Glass Awards Engraved

Motorsport Trophies and awards engraved or customised with your own logo with up to 50% OFF of trophy shop and other online suppliers' prices. Choose from an extensive range of specific auto sport trophy designs as well as a huge range of generic awards such as presentation cups, plaques, medals, and glass trophies.

Specific motorsport designs include steering wheels, pistons, spark plugs, and chequered flag-themed designs, etc. Our ranges of motor racing trophies and awards cover budget awards to the high-quality presentation cups and every quality in between. We are able to cover awards for all whether, car, bike, karting, or boat, for both circuit and trail events. Also ranges are available to suit corporate days and owners' clubs and vehicle shows.

We Provide Trophies and Awards for All Kinds of Motorsports

We can more than cater to all forms of races, driver challenges, and events for podium 1st, 2nd and 3rd place further finishing place awards for the end of season or drivers championship presentations. You are able to buy across all qualities to suit any taste, preference, or budget, we have suitable trophies or awards for any juniors, youth, adult or male or female drivers or riders for racing events which include.

  • Autotest/Autocross/Autocross
  • Banger Racing
  • Cross Country/Circuit Racing
  • Drag Racing
  • Karting Trophies
  • Hill Climbing
  • Lawn Mower/Legends
  • Motorcycle Trials/Motocross
  • Powerboat Racing
  • Rallying/Rallycross/Radio Control Model Racing
  • Side Car/Saloon Car/Superbike/Speedway/Sprint
  • Speed Trails
  • Trials/Truck Racing, Vintage

Cheap Motorsport Awards and Trophies With Big Discounts

Cheap motorsport trophies and awards, we can slash prices and reduce your costs check it out for yourself, our unique price-cutting business model enables you to benefit from several advantages over our competitors. As we are a direct importer, UK-wide distributor and trophy manufacturer you enable you to buy directly cutting out any wholesale middleman handling costs with the backup of our huge stocks.

With our fantastic up to 50% discounts on over 2000 presentation products we guarantee the lowest prices anywhere in the U.K or online today. Prices displayed include vat you are able to display prices excluding vat select the toggle switch at the top of your screen. Below is an overview to bring you up to speed with our business model that saves cost from start to finish:

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing of the lowest price and improving quality across our entire range
  • Excellent customer service backed up with big stocks for quick dispatch and delivery
  • All items are assembled and finished (engraved, printed etc.) on site
  • We speedily ship completed orders direct from our Cardiff, South Wales distribution centre
  • Our business model effectively cuts out the middle man and wholesale handling costs

Cups, Plaques, Glass Trophies and Other Motorsport Awards

We offer the most diverse choice of unbeatable value trophies for race champions, podium positions or 1st to 10th place sizes in some instances. Our product portfolio includes huge ranges of presentation cups, glass trophies, medallions, plaques, and many more generic trophy awards. Many generic awards accept our standard size centre inserts available in motorsport or your own customised logo design.

You will find we offer awards that fit the bill perfectly for races, shows, championships, series, and drivers' presentation awards together with any kind of race class or age group which requires recognition or reward and include.

Personalising, Customising and Engraving Your Motorsport Trophies

You are able to use our full personalised engraving service where we are able to add logos, competition details, and dates to any of our award ranges. If your looking to customise your trophies with your own logo we are able to achieve this by either printing, laser engraving or etching directly to the award surfaces or by taking advantage for our fee logo insert centres applied to your trophies medals or awards ideal for club, sponsors or association logo.

Free Delivery and Free Engraving we can offer more than that compare our up to 50% OFF shopping basket discounts to these offers, for instance, take 30% off any order for £500 then compare the value to these free offers. All we ask is that you compare our final shopping basket price to others and see who really confirms and quantifies the best deal.

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