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Engraved Trophies and Personalised Awards

We offer over 4000 engraved trophies and engraved complete with personalised engraving, our trophy engraving service allows you to indelibly record names, dates, and event details. Using the latest computerised trophy engraving technology we are able to engrave direct to award surfaces on products such as tankards, glassware, salvers, shields, plaques and medals. Our capabilities and processes allow us to add detailed design logo, winners names, competition details to a wide range of award products detailed below are some of our lowest price engraving services we offer.

  • Engraved Plates
  • Tankard,Glass Medal, Salver and Crystal Engraving
  • Shotblasting and Etching
  • Rotational Engraving
  • Shield Engraving including silver scrolls, shield fronts and record shields
  • Annual Winners Names to bases, plinths and presentation shields
  • Laser Engraving
  • Bespoke Design Awards
  • Engraved Text or Logos

Engraved Trophies for Sport and Achievement

We cater to over 200 sports and activities trophies as well as trophies for any kind of achievement or recognition presentations. Which include trophies to cover winners, runners-up or semi-finalists or 1st, 2nd and 3rd place positions. Listed below are links to our biggest selling sport trophy ranges.

Glass Trophies and Awards Engraved and Shotblast

Engraved glass trophies are available in a range of qualities including jade, optical and crystal glass qualities. Many of our glass awards are supplied with quality silk-lined presentation boxes to further enhance quality, value, and appearance.

If you are looking to customise your trophy with your own logo or branding, we are able to engrave logos and text using a shot blasting engraving process this etches the glass surface giving a detailed quality frosted effect. This process can be applied to the following glass trophy products.

Types of Engraved Glass Trophies Available

Trophy Cups with Personalised Engraving

Choose from our huge selection of over 500 engraved gold or silver engraved trophy cups are available in either economy, budget, and prestigious high qualities. We are able to engrave our trophy cups in three ways which may vary on the value of the cup or whether you require a logo, recipient's name, annual winners or competition or event details, and where you want this information is displayed.

  • Engraved Metal Plate Fixed to Cup Plinth
  • Engraving to Main Body of Cup
  • Engravable Plinth Bands

Types of Engraved Trophy Cups Available

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals with Personalised Engraving

A huge range of engraved personalised medals with ribbons are available in both bright and antique finishes with a wide variety of sizes, designs, thicknesses, and qualities to choose from. Engraving is added to the reverse of your medallions .

Engraved Silver Presentation Salvers or Trays

A range of quality engraved silver presentation salvers or award trays, available in a range of sizes in nickel and silver-plated designs. We offer economy lower costs salvers or high-quality English silver plated salver awards. You also have further options of tray stands and quality silk-lined presentation boxes.

Silver Presentation Salvers

Plaques and Shields with Engraving

Choose from a large collection of engraved plaques in wood, glass, and plastic qualities with a big selection of matching design sizes. Our engraved shields include date shields, scrolls, and centre shields for engraving.

Free Trophy Engraving or the Cheapest Prices and Biggest Discounts

Free engraving and free delivery is offered by other suppliers we can give you so much more than these gratis offers. We are able to offer discounts up to 50% OFF their prices. Please compare our final shopping cart prices where our discounts are applied or do the simple maths to see which is the cheapest offer.

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