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Rifle and Pistol Shooting Trophies, Medals and Awards

In response to the myriad of outdoor and indoor competitive shooting disciplines, Direct Source has assembled the most glittering array of quality Shooting and Gun Trophies, Medals and Awards which are available at up to a staggering 50%OFF retail shop prices. As the largest and cheapest provider of online recognition awards in the UK, we supply to 100’s of clubs and associations.

Choose from our extensive range here are some additional award products suitable for any shooting competition or tournament

Cheap Shooting & Gun Trophies – Are we Really the Cheapest?

It’s the truth our prices are the lowest online, this is down to cost-cutting business model and the fact we are a unique mix of trophy and awards manufacturer, importer and UK- distributor. These elements allow us to make huge savings in all areas of procurement, fulfilment and distribution and the savings we make are passed back to you in the form of generous discounts and big price reductions.

In a nutshell, here’s how we work:

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing of quality shooting and gun trophies, medals and awards
  • Lowest factory prices based on bulk shipments to our warehouse and production facility
  • Big stocks of inventory of shooting and gun awards
  • Relaible trusted supplier with good customer services and quick deliveries
  • Our business model effectively cuts out the middle man
  • Pistol (Sport Pistol, Rapid Fire, Standard Pistol.)
  • Shotgun (Clay Pigeon/Target Shooting – Down the line/Ball Trap/Double Trap/Olympic/English Sporting & FITASC Sporting/ English Skeet Shooting/Olympic Skeet/Helice (ZZ))
  • Trap/Universal Trench, Laser)
  • Rifle (Airgun, Small Bore, Full-Bore)
  • There’s Something for all Shooting Categories

    With the many variations and types of guns that exist within the sport, you would be forgiven for thinking that outside of the Olympic formats, Direct Source would struggle to cover all strands that exist country-wide – wrong! It doesn’t matter what budget you have or what category, discipline or class you are looking to provide for, we will always have something suitable for you. Here’s a sampling of what we typically supply trophies for:

    • Classic and Historic/Clay/Target Shooting
    • F-Class
    • Gallery Rifle/Match Rifle/Service Rifle/Sporting Rifle
    • Muzzle Loading Pistol/Muzzle Loading Rifle
    • Practical Rifle/Shotgun
    • Target Rifle/Pistol
    • Target Shotgun/Rifle/Pistol

    …plus so much more.

    Personalising your Shooting Trophies

    To add extra meaning to the event, we can add personalised engraving thanks to our computerised engraving systems together with the use of special full-colour centre inserts which are great for showing your own organisation’s logo or event details.

    Shooting Medals in Cases or Boxes or With Ribbons

    Check out our fantastic range of shooting medals available in either gold, silver or bronze plated finishes. We offer a wide range of sizes, designs and thicknesses in standard rifle and pistol designs as well as the option of medals with your custom logo design.

    We provide over 30 ribbon colours to match your logo, club or event colour theme we also offer a wide range of medal boxes and cases to fit our standard size medals in varying qualities and colours detailed below.

    • Plastic, PVC OR Suede Medal Boxes
    • Single Colour Ribbons
    • Burgundy, Green, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Navy, Red, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow.
    • Dual Colours Ribbons
    • Blue & Red, Blue & White, Blue & Yellow, Green & White, Green & Yellow, Green & Red, Red & White, Red & Green, Red & Yellow, Black & Red, Black & White, Black & Orange.
    • Tri Colour Ribbons
    • Red Blue White (Union Jack Colours), Green Red White (Welsh Flag Colours), Orange White Green (Ireland Flag Tri-Colour), Rainbow Multi Colour.

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