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Skittles Trophies, Medals & Glass Awards Engraved

Looks like you’ve just found the UK’s cheapest source of Skittles Trophies, Medals and Awards available at up to an almost unbelievable 50%OFF trophy shop prices! Direct Source is the undoubted ’kingpin’ when it comes to the supply of high quality skittles awards to:

  • Skittle Leagues
  • Club Presentations
  • Pub Teams
  • Charity, Social & Corporate Events

Cheap Skittle Trophies – Big Discounts

You bet we are! We can offer the largest discounts online because we constantly scour the world for only the highest quality products and place bulk shipment orders to get the lowest factory prices. To cut out the ‘middle man’, we warehouse our comprehensive stocks at our Cardiff, South Wales production HQ where we can despatch quickly for any size order.

In a nutshell, here’s how we operate:

  1. Continuous worldwide sourcing of quality skittles trophies, medals and awards
  2. Lowest factory prices based on bulk shipments to our warehouse and production facility
  3. Big stocks of skittles awards for quick delivery
  4. Trusted and relaible customer service
  5. All items are assembled and finished (engraved, printed etc.) on site
  6. We ship completed orders direct from our Cardiff, South Wales base
  7. Our business model effectively cuts out the middle man

The many forms of Skittling

In terms of suitability, our range cover all forms of the game including Nine Pin, Long Alley, Western Alley plus all other variations where balls are rolled down skittle alleys and lanes in the UK. We have a huge choice of skittles trophies, medals plus ribbons, fluted cups, hallmarked silver & silver plated cups, wood & plastic plaques, wood shields, glass awards, metal bowls, resin figures, silver salvers, pewter tankards and various perpetual awards to cater for popular categories such as:

  • Singles Winner/R-Up
  • Pairs Winner/R-Up
  • Team Knock Out Winners/R- Up
  • Champion of Champions
  • Cup Winners/R-Up
  • Most Spares /Top Scorer/Most Bolters etc.

Personalising Engarving and Customising your Skittles Trophies

Direct Source offers a full computerised engraving service along with the opportunity to produce a full colour centre insert for your own logo or event details.

The Direct Source Standing and Guarantees

Direct Source has long been the leader in the supply of skittles trophies, medals and awards as it continues to supply quality products at unbeatable prices on the back of guaranteed industry leading service levels. As our reputation grows, so does our customer base as we reach out to the many other associated pub and club games such as Aunt Sally, Table Skittles and Irish Skittles.

Require Immediate Information?

Please use our live chat service if you require immediate help or call our Sales Team on 02920 814828 for any questions related to the Direct Source range of Skittles Trophies, Medals and Awards which may include information concerning logo/crest personalisation, clearance lines, engraving or meeting your delivery deadlines.

If you’re ready to go, simply place your selections in the cart to either place an order or request a detailed no-obligation quotation which will be emailed to you within one working hour.

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