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Gold, Silver and Bronze Tennis Medals With Ribbons

We offer an extensive range of Tennis Medals available at up 50% OFF other online suppliers, we even throw in a FREE medal ribbon attached with every medal! Choose from either standard tennis medal designs or you are able to buy customised medallions with your club, league or basketball event logo.

We offer gold, silver and bronze finishes in various sizes, thicknesses and designs with choice of over 25 ribbon colours or various quality presentation boxes .We also supply a huge range of tennis trophies and other awards sued for tennis, such as cups, plaques, shields, glass trophies and more.

The Cheap Tennis Medals With Big Discounts and Free Ribbons

We offer the cheapest prices for tennis medals online with Free ribbons attached and 50% OFF other suppliers prices. Crazy as it sounds, that’s precisely what you get from Direct Source, as we are able to drastically reduce your prices as we a unique combination of medal manufacturer, importer and UK wide distributer. These three elements control our costs which a recalculated into huge customer discounts and savings which applies to our complete range of trophies, medals and awards.

Here’s how we reduce your costs:

  • Global sourcing for better award products at lower prices
  • Big stocks, quick deliveries and good customer service
  • All our awards ranges are assembled, engraved, etched or printed on site
  • Orders are shipped directly to you from our factory
  • Our business model effectively cuts out excessive middle man prices

Customising Personalising and Engraving Your Tennis Medals

We offer a fully computerised medal engraving service that can be employed to inscribe relevant information on the back of the medallions. A cheap method of personalisation that can be used instead of or in addition to engraving would be to add a full colour free logo centres insert centres with our own customised logo.

Tennis Medallions in A Big Ranges Styles, Designs and Finishes

We cover all qualities, designs and budgets with many options to meet your requirements. Choose from a wide selection of sizes, thickness and plated finishes which include bright or antique gold silver and bronze finishes as well as customised or standard stock medal designs these include:

  • Standard Tennis Gold/Silver/Bronze designs available off the shelf using s
  • Standard off-the-shelf Gold/Silver/Bronze Medals Finishes with personalised customised centre
  • Customised Bespoke Struck/Cast Metal Medallions to your design
  • Self-Assembled Gold/Silver/Bronze Finishes – Assemble your own supplied in part form, centres and ribbons to keep costs to a minimum
  • Medal Presentation Boxes/Display Cases – Display your medallion in a neat presentation box or case

Medal Ribbons & Presentation Boxes

You can select from up to 30 different neck ribbons in various colour designs attached free to your medals. Folding medal presentation boxes are available for various size medallions and will show an engraved plate whether in the open or closed position. Detailed below are the colour and types available.

  • Single Colour Medal Ribbons
  • Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Navy, Burgundy, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow.
  • Dual Colours Medal Ribbons
  • Black & Red, Black & White, Black & Orange, Blue & Red, Blue & White, Blue & Yellow, Green & White, Green & Yellow, Green & Red, Red & White, Red & Green, Red & Yellow.
  • Tri Colour Medal Ribbons
  • Red Blue White (Union Jack Colours), Green Red White (Welsh Flag Colours), Orange White Green (Ireland Flag Tri Colour), Rainbow Multi Colour.
  • Medal Display Boxes or Presentation Cases, available in the Following
  • Black Plastic economy medal boxes.
  • Blue PVC medium quality medal boxes
  • Suede premier quality medal boxes in Green, Red. Black and Blue (subject to availability).

Tennis Trophies, Cups, Plaques and Other General Awards

Select from a huge selection of tennis trophies available in plastic, metal and resin finish in ball, net and male and female player designs. Our trophies, medals and award collection include 1000,s of generic award products such as trophy cups, shields, plaques, glass trophies. We are able to offer a multitude of trophy and awards ideas to suit any tournament, club or basketball event these include:

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